6 Smart Ways to Keep Your Baggage Safe When You are Travelling

When you start packing your bags for your next trip, after you tackle how much you can carry in your suitcases, you’re sure to think of whether or not everything will be safe. This is especially true when you’re carrying important documents or travelling with valuables such as jewellery for a wedding.

This fear is not baseless. From people with malicious intentions to mishaps by airline staff, there are a host of factors that aren’t in your control. But what you can do to ensure that your baggage is safe, is buy baggage coverage and personal belongings insurance.

Take a closer look at how insurance helps, and 5 other things that you can do to keep your suitcases safe.

1. Buy a baggage insurance policy

If you are looking for something that protects you financially from damage or theft of luggage and loss of cheques or money, buying a baggage insurance policy is an absolute must as it covers not only your baggage, but also your other belongings.  

When you buy Personal Trip Effects Coverage via Bajaj Finserv, you can get high coverage of up to Rs.1,15,000 at a yearly fee of just Rs.349. Apart from your luggage, loss of wallet, cheques or important documents like your passport are also covered by this personal effects coverage plan.

2. Choose soft cases over hard ones

Hard cases may look stylish and sleek, but they are also easier to break. The material used for hard cases, typically plastic, is more prone to cracking. So bags made with cloth and a cloth-plastic hybrid material prove to be more reliable.

3. Get your baggage wrapped at the airport

This is a must-do specially if you are travelling through an area known for malicious activity. Once your bag is checked-in it passes through the hands of many personnel. Sadly, this increases the chances of something going wrong. Having your luggage wrapped will deter someone from trying to open your luggage while no one’s looking.

4. Distinguish it with a custom tag

Make sure your bag stands out by tying something like a simple fluorescent ribbon around it. This ensures that it is easily visible as it moves on the luggage belt and you will be able to spot yours in case you lose sight of it temporarily. A simple trick, this one will help you quickly identify your bags no matter where you go.

5. Don’t leave your bag unattended

It is important to at least keep your luggage in your line of sight if not with you as you move around. This ensures that you can ask for help in time in case someone attempts to snatch it.

6. Do a mental count of the bags you are carrying

As you pass through each leg of your journey, keep track of the number of bags you should have with you. This can be tricky at times but it will ensure that you’re not missing any luggage and will also help you identify a loss at the earliest and not when you reach the final destination. In case of the latter, it is difficult to trace your baggage if you aren’t sure where you misplaced it.

So as you pack your bags, don’t forget to add buying baggage insurance to your checklist. Even if you remember to buy it on your way to the airport or the train station, you can do so with ease. Check your pre-approved offer by Bajaj Finserv to apply and get approval in mere minutes!  

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