6 Things to Consider When Buying an Air Cooler

This summer, stay cool and protect yourself from the harsh sun by shopping for a high-performance air cooler. This device is an affordable alternative to an air conditioner, consumes less energy, is extremely portable and much easier to maintain too.

Moreover, these cooling appliances don’t emit harmful gasses like CFC, making them environment-friendly as well.

Though air coolers don’t cost a fortune, you can further reduce the strain on your finances by buying an air cooler on EMI without a credit card. Further, when you buy one on No Cost EMIs as low as Rs.999. Read on if you’re wondering how do No Cost EMIs work.

When you shop at No Cost EMI, you only must repay the purchase price and nothing more. This way you can purchase an air cooler on EMI and enjoy high savings. The EMI Network also gives you access to amazing offers, discounts, and cash back on your purchase. For convenient repayment, you can opt to pay EMIs over a tenor spanning between 3 and 24 months.

With a fair idea of how to make your purchase more affordable and convenient, take note of the following factors that you should pay attention to when buying an air cooler.

Types of air coolers

Air coolers come in three types to suit different cooling needs. These are personal air coolers, desert air coolers, and tower air coolers. A personal air cooler is extremely portable and suitable for small rooms. This air cooler is also known to produce low noise and has low energy consumption.

A desert air cooler is larger than a personal air cooler and suits dry climates. It has a huge water tank that can cool every corner of a room and small outdoor spaces too. Lastly, a tower air cooler takes up lesser floor space and is, in most cases, taller than other coolers. This allows you to enjoy cooling even in compact spaces.

Water tank capacity

An air cooler works on an evaporative cooling technique. It converts the water in its water tank into vapour. The cooling media (blower or fan) blows this vapour into the room, and in turn, cools the room it is placed in. So, the larger the water tank, the longer are the hours for which you can enjoy the cool air. Thus, make it a point to select an air cooler with the right water tank capacity based on your room’s size.

While personal air coolers have a water tank capacity of 20 to 30 litres, desert air coolers have a storage capacity of 31 to 50 litres, and tower air coolers have varied water tank capacities based on your needs and its size. To calculate the right water tank capacity, divide your room area (in cubic feet) by 2.

Cooling pads

Cooling pads have a direct impact on the efficiency of the air cooler. These pads absorb water and deliver air through them. The thicker the cooling pads, the more effective the air cooler is. Also, remember that cooling pads can be of two materials: cellulose or aspen. The latter has a shorter life span, is cheaper, but needs more maintenance.

In contrast, cellulose pads cost more, but also last longer. These look like a honeycomb, are thicker and require lesser maintenance as compared to aspen cooling pads. Therefore, it is best to opt for air coolers with cellulose cooling pads as they are more cost-effective in the long run.


The airflow of an air cooler is measured in cubic feet per minute (CFM). Apart from the tank capacity, the airflow depends on the cooling media, which are of two types: a fan or a blower. Big air coolers use fans to create low-pressure airflow while small air coolers use blowers to create high-pressure airflow.

To control the airflow to suit the climate, you can choose an air cooler that has multiple speed settings. Moreover, to enjoy uniform air movement in every direction of the room, buy an air cooler that has automatic louvre movement.

Remote control

Consider buying an air cooler that comes along with remote control. This way, you can easily and quickly access the settings of the air cooler and monitor the speed of the fan.


Summers in India also imply power cuts, further adding to the discomfort. Especially, in places where summers are extreme, for instance, NCR and Rajasthan, having a constant cooling solution is a must.

Therefore, it is a good idea to buy an air cooler as compared to an air conditioner which adds so much burden on the consumption of electricity.  Air cooler can easily runs on an inverter so you never have to endure the harsh heat. Moreover, these air coolers are still extremely pocket-friendly, as they often consume up to 50% less energy than others.

With these handy tips, you can make the right buying decision and bring home your favourite air cooler. Start by evaluating your cooling needs and then select a model accordingly.

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