How to Style an Office with Salt Lamps for Impressive Look

An office is basically a room or a setup area in an organization where administrative, clerical or official duties are carried out. Be it a private or government organization, there must have a place called an office. For some people the office is like an extension of their homes, they spend a lot of time there, even after office hours they could stay back to finish a job or an assignment. People who spend that much time in the office in most cases tries to give their offices that feel that makes it almost as comfortable as their homes and that’s where you find them putting in a lot of work in the interior décor of their offices.

Salt Lamp a Nice Addition in Office Ambiance

And one very innovative item that is being used in our home décor that would serve as a worthy addition in an office to give it an impressive look is the salt lamp, not just because of the decorative, soothing and relaxed ambiance it offers but also its functionality and health benefits.

What really is this salt lamp? A salt lamp, often referred to as Himalayan Salt Lamp is a decorative salt lamp made with Himalayan Salt crystals that are harvested from the edge of the Himalayan Mountain.

This decorative salt lamps are very gorgeous, they provide a small glow of amber light that leaves a touch of beauty on any office desk or furniture and it doesn’t matter if you prefer it in its natural appearance of a carved out shape, they both achieve the same purpose, allowing both colleagues and clients to enjoy the aesthetic feel it brings. With the presence of a salt lamp in your office, colleagues and client are also left to enjoy improved air quality, boosted moods which can see to improved productivity but most importantly its elimination of allergens. What this means is office areas are mostly filled with all sorts of electronic devices that release a specific amount of electromagnetic radiations which can have an adverse effect on the human body, these salt lamps help to cut down these negative effects, it further detoxifies the office environment by trapping dust and air pollutants that contaminate the air.

Keep Your Decorative Clean

It is also very important to keep you salt lamp clean at all times, as a matter of fact this should be treated as every other important office furniture and though the process of cleaning a salt lamp differs from cleaning your regular office furniture. In cleaning a salt lamp, you must first unplug it and give it some time to get cold the use a clean moist cloth to wipe off accumulated dust particles on it.

Functionality and Style Come Together

Different offices have different arrangements and interior designs, some executive offices even have where you can take a break and cool off, relax or hold VIP kind of meetings. This also means that as offices vary in arrangement and design, it could be a factor when you want to decide on where to best place the salt lamp so as to achieve maximum functionality, though salt lamps can basically be placed anywhere, you however don’t want it to be and eyesore to you, your colleagues or your clients just because you just kept in anywhere.

This simply indicates the importance of where to best place a salt lamp so that it not only at maximum functionality but also beautifies the office. So looking at the best places in an office to keep a salt lamp, we would also take into consideration a few office types.

Enhance Productivity

Every company or organization sets up an offices to help differentiate departments from one another making for ease of productivity and though office plans vary from company to company depending on the needs of the business and those working there, it is necessary to design and organized office workplace so that the employees can comfortable perform their jobs. That being said, the first type of office we would look at is:

  • The private office mostly set up for senior staffs, this office arrangement can have you just place your decorative salt lamp on your desk which may of course have your laptop and a few other electronic devices that emit electromagnetic radiations, so having it close to your workspace would add that perfect glow as well as carry out its functionality.
  • The next office arrangement we would look at is the cubicles and team enclosure office type where offices are just separated by a partition but allows for easy team work and easy communication, in this type of office the best way to use salt lamps here is to have little pieces of stylishly carved outHimalayan salt lamps on the desk of each partitioned cubicle, this is basically because with this type of office setting you have a lot of people working together in close proximity, making dust and other air pollutants to easily emanate. The salt lamp would not only add color and style to the cubicle arrangement but trap those dust particles thus cleansing the air.

In addition, an organization like an ICT company or the likes that has a server room and a lot more other electronic devices could make use of this salt lamp.

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