Drive your business the Jenga way to succeed

D‘Jenga’, the Swahili word, means ‘build’ and Finserve named the payment gateway they developed Jenga because that is just what this payment gateway does- it helps build, or strengthens your business so that you drive your business to bigger milestones in a faster and simpler manner. It is a futuristic payment system developed by Finserve, the fintech arm of Equity group, that makes it simple for you to expand your business globally and accept payments from customers across the world swiftly and securely without any hassles.

Jenga Payment Gateway is an ecommerce payment gateway that can be integrated with your e commerce website easily, and with every payment avenue available to your customers, from cards (debit card) to mobile money, to multi- currencies across 180+ Countries, it keeps your customers happy too, since they have the freedom to choose how they want to pay. What’s more, you can also accept bank transfers, card payments, mobile money or transactions via digital wallets like PayPal, AliPay and WeChatPay. Jenga Payment Gateway is your versatile payment gateway that consolidates all payments to the Jenga platform, and presents one integration platform. Businesses across Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, DRC Congo, Tanzania, Ethiopia and South Sudan are benefitting from Jenga Payment Gateway and you can do so too!

Transactions become easy with Jenga Payment Gateway – you can not only receive payments via Cards, Mobile Money, Bank Account Payments,Bank Transfers at the click of a button, but are also assured of no compromise to security. Jenga Payment Gateway’s API has a unique inbuilt fraud service to detect and block frauds for all types of businesses using machine learning that trains extensively on data across partner organizations, that avoids the downside of charge backs.

When you customers pay online for the purchases they make on your ecommerce website, they enter sensitive credit card information which is exchanged across devices and banks, and it could be susceptible to cyber crime and fraud. Swiping a card and keying in your password to complete a transaction may look simple, but multiple coordinated processes happen behind the scene as money moves from one account to another. With Jenga Payment Gateway, you can be assured of the highest level of security since Jenga is PCI DSS Level 1 (the highest level) compliant. This security adds more credibility to your repertoire as an ecommerce business. Jenga payment gateway additionally supports payment acceptance with 3D Secure card payments, which adds an extra layer of security for you and your customers. With 3D Secure, the customers are redirected to the website of their card issuer to verify their identity before they proceed to complete payment on your site. What’s more, Jenga Payment Gateway is mobile optimised and can be integrated with several shopping carts too!

Time is the most precious commodity nowadays, and if people save time while shopping online with you, they will return for more! Combine all the ease and flexibility, seamless shopping experience with secure, encrypted and swift payments, and that means your customers have the privilege of safe transactions without wasting any precious time, which keeps them coming back to your website for more shopping, and helping you grow!

Integrating Jenga Payment Gateway is simple and inexpensive. You need to pay a nominal charge to create your account and the monthly charges as well as transaction charges are minimal too, while the resultant benefits are massive. You can also check your account balances and statements or open more new accounts, collect payment information and create charges for services. With more data at hand, you can make informed decisions and boost operational efficiency as well. So drive your business the Jenga way and succeed every day!

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