Impact of 5G Connectivity on Mobile App Development

Technology has developed massively in a few years and so do the speed and connectivity of data. With technology, the transfer speed is also getting updated every day and every year. 4G connectivity is the most updated version of data connectivity which was released in 2008. It allows users to engage in data-intensive activities like video conferencing, gaming and so on with a maximum transfer speed of 60 Mbit/second. In the near future, we are about to enter a golden era of 5G. The fifth generation of wireless mobile communication is the successor of other connectivity and accommodates all the facilities and opportunities offered by its predecessors. The extra opportunity that the updated version offers is the faster data transfer speed of at least 1 Gbit/second to 50 Gbit /second of the highest.

With the opportunities mentioned above about 5G connectivity, it is quite clear that with the release of a 5G network, technology would be developed at another level. If we talk about mobile applications which is the best technology development till now, mobile apps would start to function effectively, efficiently and smoothly with the release of the 5G network. Better mobile applications would eventually boost the productivity of the users and developers. The below points will show how the release of a 5G network would impact the use of mobile app development.

Faster file transfers from one device to another

Today people do not use Bluetooth to transfer files or data from one device to another. There are mobile applications used currently to transfer files and data. There are many mobile applications that revolve around transfer of file, money data from one device or account to another. This function of a mobile application is used these days with 4G connectivity but with the release of 5G network it would prove to be a boon for such mobile applications through the speediest and fastest file transfer.

Media-rich user expectations

Currently, the updated network used is 4G and people stream videos and songs on the same network. Their expectations kept on increasing when the connectivity got updated from 1G to 2G, from 2G to 3G and from 3G to 4G. Undoubtedly the release of new network 5G would raise the user expectation and encourage them to elevate the application user interface to a huge extent.

Greater capacities and more features

With ultra-high speed and ultra-low latency, developers will be motivated to incorporate more features of IoT, augmented reality and virtual reality applications which will create a better and exceptional experience for the users. The following advantages for developers would reduce the retention ratio of users and increase revenues.   

Rise of navigational applications

With ultra-high speed and quality and uninterrupted communications, the whole new world of opportunities for the development of navigational applications would open up. This means that 5G would contribute heavily towards the growth of the tourism industry. An application can be developed by the developer that contains all the popular historical places that can be searched and surfed by the tourists without any interruption.

Use of 3D models

Augmented reality and virtual reality are the concepts that are the future of the gaming industry. With the advent of a 5G network, the following concepts would get a boost because these are the ones that are used in 3D gaming. With the use of 5G enabled mobile applications, users will observe a top-notch quality of 3D models. Such mobile applications can be used in any industry be it construction or education.

Less reliance on hardware

With greater speed, while using a 5G network, there will be real-time communication between devices. Therefore, the performance of a mobile application will be less dependent on the processing power of hardware because data centers will do all the processing.

5G based business model

To get the benefit of a 5G network, a 5G based business model is needed that can unbridle the potential of 5G technology to the fullest. Therefore, for a mobile app developer and the mobile strategist, it is very hard to create such a setup where a 5G network can be worked with full potential.

Multiple mobile app versions to be developed

With the release of a 5G network, the work of a developer would increase because he/she would have to develop multiple versions of a single app that can be worked with all the networks. For every user to use the application, one version can be used in a device where a 5G network is enabled and another version can be used in a device where there are either 2G or 3G or 4G network enabled. Thus, for a developer, it is surely a challenge developing multiple versions of a single app.

With the release and updating of new network 5G, there are pros and cons both attached to it and it is evident from the above points that it will also impact the mobile app development industry. It is dependent on the mobile app development company to look into the development part and make sure that they take full advantage of the growing technology industry.   

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