Manage your multiple payment bills using one API

Sometimes we find it hard to manage payments from multiple online sources. With technology advancement, everything is possible now. Jenga online payment gateway is a solution for this. You don’t need to worry anymore, JengaAPI is developed to meet all your needs and make your financial tasks easy to manage. Now you can manage all your payments and transactions on one online payment portal.

Fintech technology simplifies the way we used to manage our transaction, to store our financial data and the way we do different transactions for example now people they can pay their bills easy with their phones, send money to their loved ones via mobile money, bank wallets or digital wallets like Paypal. Innovators are busy working to make financial technology (Fintech) accessible to all users and service providers so that we can do business without any obstacles.

In this digital era, for a business to stay on top of its competitors must embrace the changes from leaning on traditional methods of doing business to digital. With the internet, the opportunities for doing business are boundary less. Consumers have more options to choose from who, where and how to buy their products. Thus the competition is big. Therefore to stay on track and lead your competitors you need proper strategy and tools.

Your eCommerce website its nothing if it took hours to load one page. If it is not responsive (does not open on different devices Smartphones, Tablets, and Computers). If the design is not user-friendly customers will run away from you. Maybe you can manage to have it all but to convert your acquisitions you need an online payment gateway that can make payments easy on your website. In other words, you need Jenga Online payment gateway.

Here is why you need JengaAPI

It supports multiple payments methods. With JengaAPI integrated into your website, your customers will enjoy the luxury of making payment with whichever payment method they prefer. But also you will have a different experience of managing your transactions from multiple sources online. JengaAPI will allow your customers to pay with mobile money, bank payment, and cards.

If you have an eCommerce website, JengaAPI accepts cards from 180 countries all over the world. With JengaAPI paying your partners is simple. Send money through Mobile Payments, Bank Transfers, Card P2P, Cross Border, and International Remittance directly from your Jenga dashboard. JengaAPI leverages off capabilities of its banking and regulatory partners in 6 countries across Africa. If you would like to digitize your business in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, DRC, South Sudan, and Rwanda JengaAPI is your answer. You can choose either to send money to single or many recipients it’s possible with Jenga.

Buy goods, pay bills and buy airtime with few clicks. JengaAPI dashboard gives you access to all your transactions for each platform from Airtel Money, Tigo Pesa, MTN, M-Pesa, and Equitel. Make your users use the most to pay at Eazzy pay merchants. Now it’s your time to gain access to the lowest Merchant Service Commissions and over 12 million customers.

JengaAPI guarantees you and your customers to be on the safe side whenever you transact. The API is engineered to protect you from frauds and hackers. JengaAPI certified according to the highest global security standards (PCI DSS Level 1). You can transact with a smile on your face, knowing that your money is safe.

Build once, run anywhere this is possible with JengaAPI only. JengaAPIs are pre-integrated into the financial, identity, credit and payment systems across Africa.

Do you want to manage all your bills in one online portal? The answer is JengaAPI.

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