Rocket boost your SMEs with automation technology for HR.

India is a nation which houses many Startups and SMEs which need to develop and upscale exponentially. They need a robust system that can support the upscaling of the organization. SMEs and startup seem to follow the spreadsheets for storing the employees’ data and managing their record. Why not choose automation when everyone around is using it to leverage productivity and efficiency for the growth of the organization. Automation not only reduces the repetitive task but also streamline each process along with cost optimization, which can be the best solution to upscale the organization as they have limited resource and expense. Cost cutting from the processes and using in development strategies will help to boost their growth. It affects not only the upscaling of the organization but also makes it a happy place for the employees; it impacts employee turnover as well as the productivity of the employees. The employer can get an in-depth insight into the company to optimize decision making. the above changes are inevitable, and with following aspects of an HR software, you can growth hack your SME to avail potential development.


Giving the authority of data to employees empowers them to drive their data and be updated with the process going on in the organization. Access of data is must to reduce the HR intervention and increase transparency in the organization. Managers are responsible for giving answers to the employees amid of the tasks. They are the only persons the employees take assistance for the various task; It consumes a lot of HR’s time and energy. The ESS enables the employees to access data and to get assistance with multiple queries; technology has been a helping hand to both the managers and employees. ESS is a platform where the employees of a company are allowed to share their documents which might be regarding their personal or corporate record. Employees can help themselves to get onboard by feeding personal and professional information required in the system. The system will help them to get further training and knowledge transfer from the concerned person; It will assist them in carrying out full fledge working in no time.             

Performance and Training Management

Performance of the employee has a maximum contribution to the growth of the organization; employers are incapable of knowing the employee’s performance without a system that can keep track of employees activities. The HR software provides a robust report to acknowledge the employee about the employee’s contribution in the assigned task along with the time consumed. There are times when the employer underuses the employee’ potential due to a lack of awareness about it. Bifurcating them becomes obligatory to recognize the need for training to give them adequate knowledge of the technology or process with which they are interacting. It is a best practice an organization can have as they are unknowingly eliminating the feeling of inferiority amongst the employees and help them to give a monetary or nonmonetary recognition to the employee with the remarkable contribution in work. It tempts them to contribute more in the organization and help the organization to scale up.          

Integrated Payroll Processing

Payroll processing is the complex task of all, bluntly handling it can create loopholes that can drain a lot of company’s money. For SMEs having a tightly coupled budget cannot afford any such mistakes. Automating the payroll processing is the key; all the component involved in payroll calculation will fetch the data directly from the integration. The integration adds wings to a streamlined payroll processing as the automated data fetching, and feeding will eliminate human errors. HR software helps you to say goodbye to the stress of non-updated compliance easily. For company big or small, have the nightmare of a breach in statutory regulation no company will end up paying fines or penalties, no SME would want that ever. Cloud-based payroll software does the job for you; the only vendor has to keep a check on the government statutory regulation change, they can update the regulations of all the software as once and keep them compliant always. It also provides the configured reports for better expense planning and management to prepare short term and long terms goals.

Hr software is necessary for the large business due to a large number of employees and their management difficulties, but for SMEs, it is best as it can contribute in bringing their organization to the desired level along with the streamlines processes and optimized expense amazement.

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