Make your Grocery Shopping Hassle Free in Dubai with Yeebly

Dubai has been experiencing growth in online grocery delivery platforms. These platforms have been aiming to get the lion’s share of Dubai’s lucrative online grocery market. The platforms allow you to order your grocery online and have them delivered to your doorstep. The latest entry into this market is Yeebly, which was launched in 2018.

Yeebly serves to provide a hassle-freeexperience of grocery delivery in Dubai. Although there are many other platforms available to consumers, it stands out from the rest for several reasons. For Yeebly, the ultimate performance metric is not the profit but the satisfaction of its customers. Its preference to keep the customers happy at all costs makes it extremely popular among Dubai’s residents.

The Rise of Yeebly

Dubai is a fast-paced city. People are buried so deep in their busy lives that they often do not find the time to go for grocery shopping. This is precisely what Yeebly is trying to bridge and has mostly been successful. The company is focused on saving the customer’s time and money by allowing them to order groceries online.Although recently established, it is gaining a market share.

It is a certified time saveras it allows customers to order their grocery in minimal time and offers same-day delivery services throughout Dubai. It allows customers the luxury of sitting at home, while their grocery is delivered to them at their doorsteps. All of this is possible through the Yeebly smartphone app.

To keep the cost low for its customers, it offers various discounts. It helps customers save their valuable money and allows the company to keep its customers happy. Any order more than 100 AED automatically gets the customer a 50% discount on delivery charges. For orders above 300 AED, the customers enjoy a 100% discount on delivery charges. It is a perfect pricing model for customers that order grocery in bulk.

The Yeebly mobile app is continuously updated with the latest features to improve the user experience. To accommodate a more significant number of potential customers, the app is for download on iPhone and Android. The straightforward design of the app allows clients to find the product that they need quickly.

The quality of the products is another distinctive feature. As it does not own a warehouse, Yeebly delivers only the freshest products from the top markets. The meat shop is one such example. When customers order meat, the delivery boys are instructed to buy meat from an animal which has only been recently slaughtered.

For a single order, the delivery boys visit around three different markets to ensure that the quality is not compromised. For a meat order, they usually visit the renowned Waterfront Market. If the same order has vegetables, the delivery boy visits another market. It ensures quality. However, if the customer is still not satisfied, Yeebly does not charge the customer and takes back the order.

For people who are extra conscious about their health, the company prepares‘meal boxes’. The boxes include different eatables in a balanced quantity that the customer can cook. The balanced ingredients are not just healthy but help meet daily nutritional requirements of the human body. These boxes are prepared on the recommendations of top food experts.


Yeebly is not just a time or money saving app. It provides a vast variety of options to its customers to choose from while committing to the quality guidelines. Further down the road, the users can expect more unique features that improve the user experience and quality of life for its customers.

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