Comprehensive Guide to Running a Rewarding Campaign with Postcards

There is one thing that is common to all businesses – they need to constantly promote themselves. Irrespective of the reputation in the market or the size of the business, promotional activities are a 365 day affair. When you are entering a new market or your businesses isn’t doing well you need to take a more personalized approach towards marketing. You need to reach out to potential customers individually rather than screaming at them from the billboards! This is where postcards may be a great tool for a personalized campaign. But you need to get your campaign spot on and here’s your guide to comprehensive designing and postcard printing –

# Define Your Goals

Every business would want to boost its market presence and sales. While that is your larger goal you need to work on specific goals when it comes to running a campaign with personalized postcards. If your seasonal sales haven’t matched up to the expectations you can use the postcards to offer additional discounts to the recipients. Similarly you can use them as a teaser to create curiosity around your upcoming products and services and ask customers to call you back to know more. The possibilities are limitless.

# Know Your Audience

You need to have fair idea about your audience before you get into designing your postcards. For instance a store selling religious books and artifacts can’t have the same color scheme as a mom and pop business would have on their postcards. Similarly a section of your larger customer base may have started shifting loyalties and you need to first identify them and then know the reasons behind their displeasure before targeting them. Knowledge of audience allows you to offer killer offers that your customers can’t ignore.

# Design Your Post Card

This is perhaps the most important stage in the process. If you design a killer postcard you’d immediately make an impact in the minds of your audience. A shabby looking postcard won’t help you draw the mileage you are looking for. Thanks to the dozens of design tools and postcard templates that are available online you can easily design one from scratch. Draft a message and zero in on the images you want to have on your post card and get into designing it. If you are short on skills or don’t have the time to do so companies offering online printing services would help you with basic designing too.

# Quality Postcard Printing

You need to find a printing company specializing in custom postcard printing services. There are dozens out there in the market and hence you need to be choosy. Don’t make cost of printing as the single determining factor behind your choice as you may have to be content with sub-standard postcards that can portray poor image of your brand. Do your research on online printing services and choose a company that has been in this business for long and lived up to the expectations of its clients.

# Personalize And Mail Them

This is the last step in running a successful marketing campaign with postcards. Don’t address your customers as Sir or Madam and rather write down their names. Try and incorporate a smart tracking mechanism such as discount coupons or other freebie offers and you’d be able to measure the reach and success of the campaign.

Easy isn’t it? Quality postcards can take your business to newer heights and help you establish a strong bond with your customers. They have a resonating effect and would add to your brand image in the long run.

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