Get local emoji and stickers for Twitter and Instagram

Social media is a cool place to interact and exchange ideas with people. In this information age, we use most of our time to converse on social media via texts and stickers and emojis and GIFs. The conversation will be more relevant and exciting with you will using best emojis and stickers. mKey is a new keyboard App that will change your social media experience by giving you a local emojis keyboard (Yetu Mojis) conversing on Twitter and Instagram will be more vibrant. Apart from emoji keyboard app, mKey App has other unique features that you will never regret to install it in your smartphone. The other features are;

Getting a loan is simple Loan

Have you ever ordered food and after eating you found your wallet is not with you? In situations like that, we always run into the closest friend for help. Sometimes our friends might not pick up the phone or broke (no money to send you). Now you won’t need to call anybody for help if you have mKey App installed on your smartphone. All you need to do is to get a loan from your App and pay for your food. mKey is not just a friend but is a friend you can lean on in good and bad times.

Money transferring is Easy with mKey

We were meant to help each other in good and bad situations. It’s normal for you to send money to a friend or family as a gift or helping hand. mKey will help you send money in the quickest, secure and easiest way to your friend or family. Reduce trouble of frauds and risk of losing your money, use mKey App to transfer money and you will never regret. Enjoy the simplicity of sending money to people you love and care with mKey App.

Simple and secure method of payment

Living in a digital age means you must have the ability to buy anything online with the move of your thumb. mKey will give your smartphone ability to pay for different services and products you buy online. Shop at your favorite online store and pay in a quickest and secure method you can find in your mKey App. Who says it is not possible to bargain online? With mKey nothing is impossible, you can get your bargaining deal online on mKey App.

Stay updated all day every day

We live in an information age, where information is flooding the internet. You have the rights to get all the information anytime. Through mKey will give you all the news and updates on your smartphone screen. Either its sports, fashion, business or anything in between. You can have them on your screen. We understand that fake news is booming all over the world, but you can be sure with mKey. We have all you trusted aggregators to provide to you whichever information you one on the go.

There is a lot of Apps in a play store, but mKey is one App with multiple features. With mKey you don’t need to download phone keyboard. Instead, you can use Yetu Mojis to give your conversations life. Use local emojis to chat with your friends on social media like Twitter and Instagram. You will be able to send money to family and friends. You will be able to shop online and pay instantly with your App. You will be able to get a loan when you run out of cash. All information from your trusted sources will be at your screen on time. What else do you want if not link that will take you to your phone keyboard download page?

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