Every story must have a storyteller to pass it from one generation to another. Today we are going to tell our own story, the story of Armstrong the rhino of tire in the world. Armstrong is an American tire brand which started in a tiny loft in New Jersey and now is the largest tyre manufacturer in the world. Look what we created after being in the industry for over 107 years.

Armstrong is the world largest tyre company. It was in 1912 when we started our journey into tire manufacturing. From the day we started until now we kept our promise to you that we will create and design tires that will be the center of your driving experience.  It wasn’t easy to keep that promise but with dedication, hard work and teamwork everything seems to be possible. Our sacrifices and hard work made Armstrong be the American tyre brand which is the largest tyre manufacturer in the world. Many people trust our tires not because we tell them to, but because they get the value of their money.

To be the world largest tyre company we have to deliver high-quality products that meet our customer’s expectations every day. We create high-quality tires for passenger, light truck, commercial or agricultural segments. Below are three tyre types in our catalog.

At Armstrong, we know the value of our customers. Being the leading brand in American tyre brands always push us to do what is best for you. Apart from designing a car for your tire here is the list of the things we can guarantee you if you wish to buy our tires.

TUFF 360 Warranty

Armstong is the best American tyre manufacturer who cares about what you will get as value for your money. Tuff 360 Warranty is a limited warranty applied to all original Amstrong purchasers in Europe. Below are the benefits of Tuff 360 warranty;

Workmanship and material warranty: All our tires are warranted against defects in workmanship and material will be replaced 100% free for the initial warranty period.

Mileage warranty: Most patterns of our tires are covered by a mileage warranty from the point of original purchase (proof of purchase required) even though the actual mileage you may get from your tires may vary because of driving habits, road conditions & maintenance of your tires.  

Road hazard replacement program: This is the warranty that protects the consumer against non-repairable damage caused by cuts, punctures, snags, and bruises, or impact damages caused by potholes, curbs or other objects on the road. The warranty is included with new Armstrong BLU-TRAC PC (passenger tyres), BLU-TRAC HP (ultra high-performance tyres), TRU-TRAC SU (SUV tires) & TRU-TRAC HT* (4×4 tyres).

30 Days money back, no questions asked: TUFF 360TM offers a 30-day trial period for all Armstrong tires purchased as replacement tires in Europe (commercial use excluded).  Eligible Armstrong tyres may be returned within 30 days from the date of purchase for a full refund of tires. In this case, the tires must be returned to the retailer from which they were purchased with the original sales invoice.

Are you’re looking for tires that will change your driving experience and make you drive safely? The tires that will guarantee your safety and give you the value of your money. Apart from buying a tire, you will get Tuff 360 Warranty that will cover your tires with workmanship and material, mileage and load hazard. We know how well our tires are designed that’s we assure you 100%.

Armstrong is not only an American tyre company but also is a world largest tyre company. Our authorized dealers are everywhere to make sure you get what your car deserves.

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