Education is the key that unlocks all life challenges. And they said knowledge is power, with knowledge nothing will defeat you. He who seeks for wisdom will shelter in the house of knowledge. One needs to have the education to get access to knowledge. Every day people establish universities, to help everyone have a better education.

Cavendish University is a center of excellence in Uganda. We provide teach different courses that will make you successful in your social and professional life. A successful student is the one who studies with passion and love what he/she learns. Make sure you not only choose study mode that suit you but also you love what you intended to learn.

Before you apply to anything, you should ask yourself who you want to be. What do you want to accomplish in life? Do want to be a doctor, engineer, Entrepreneur, Lawyer, Economist, Philosopher, Mathematician, Politician, once you get the answer then you can proceed to apply.

Cavendish University we offer different courses from Foundation program, certificate, Diploma, Bachelor degrees, Postgraduate degree to Masters degree. Foundation program is an opportunity for the students who complete Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education, but they didn’t get a high grade to enroll for Diploma or Degree programs.

Currently, we have two certificate programmes, a certificate in business administration and a certificate in information technology. We have three diploma courses which are; Diploma in computer science and information technology, Diploma in business administration, and Diploma in international relations.

We selected on-demand bachelor degree programmes that will suit you. Below is the list of our bachelor degrees;

1. Bachelor of business administration – accounting and finance

2. Bachelor of business administration – procurement and logistics

3. Bachelor of business administration – banking and finance

4. Bachelor of business administration – human resource management

5. Bachelor of art in international relations and diplomatic studies

6. Bachelor of journalism and communication studies (Public relations/Mass Comm)

7. Bachelor of law

8. Bachelor of science in public health

9. Bachelor of information technology (BIT)

10. Bachelor of science in computer science

11. Bachelor of environmental health science and,

12 Bachelor of public administration and management

Cavendish University offers following courses for Postgraduate degrees;

1. Postgraduate Diploma in business administration (PGD BA)

2. Postgraduate Diploma in international relations and diplomatic studies

3. Postgraduate Diploma in law and,

4. Postgraduate Diploma in public health

If you want to pursue your studies and get a master degree, you don’t need to go anywhere except Cavendish University in Uganda. We have eight masters program;

1. Masters of public health

2. Masters of business administration

3. Masters of business administration – Accounting and Finance

4. Masters of business administration – Procurement and supply chain management

5. Masters of business administration – Entrepreneurship

6. Masters of business administration – Human resources management

7. Masters of law and,

8. Masters of art in international relations and diplomacy

Cavendish University is a leading university in Uganda. We have high qualified instructor and professors and friendly learning facilities. We have a library that has all the reading materials for you to enjoy your learning journey. Our students enjoy the discount and scholarship.

Do you want to enroll in a university that will not only give you a good education? Welcome to Cavendish University Uganda our May admission window is open now. Visit our website to apply for your favorite programme. Don’t worry about the fee because we formed a generous fee structure that you can manage to pay. We will be more than happy to have you with us on our beautiful campus.

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