Four Places to Visit in South India in 2019

FLush green forests, emerald waters, hills, alluring white sand beaches, Indian Oceans, the Bay of Bengal to the south East and long Arabian coastline to the south west, architectural wonders, South India is like a giant wedge plunging into the ocean. From the glittering palaces, to the tombs and mosques narrating the history of the bygone old days, Tamil Nadu’s Pallava sculptures and towering Chola temples, the ruins and remains of the Vijaynagar capital at Hampi and so much more that you will need multitude of incarnations to explore everything in South India. India is regarded as the sub-continent not just because of its geographical vastness, but also this country is home to multifarious cultures and traditions with hundreds of Ethnic group living to tell their heroic tales and a history that date backs to more than 5000 years old. When planning for a trip to India, you really require an ample amount of time to discover the real gems of the country and when you head towards to southern part of India, you are actually going to witness history’s richest emperors and its remains. From different cultures and traditions along with amazing food habits and cuisines enough to make you fall in love, the long coastlines and two island territories- Andaman Nicobar in the Bay of Bengal and Lakshwadeep in the Arab Sea, you really need to plan for a long staycation to witness the best.

This article highlights the top tourist place to visit in South India.

Hampi, Karnataka

This one of the world’s largest ruined heritage sites is an ancient village of Karnataka, is dotted with numerous ruined temple complexes from the Vijaynagar Empire.  It is a world of rock and ruins, a carnival of carvings that are living to narrate its rich and mystique past and its unearthly landscape has captivated travelers since antiquity. A walk around Hampi’s main town will leave you spellbound as every single turn has monuments and temples. The distinctive style of architecture by cutting the boulders, the spectacular and backpacker’s abode Hippi Island, an adventurous trek to the Matanga hill, Hampi is a place you can’t afford to miss.

Alleppey, Kerala

Hub of Kerala’s backwaters, home to a vast water networks, thousands of houseboats and an important epicenter of coir industry, Alleppey is the ‘Venice of the East’. People usually hire a houseboat to spend a night or two to enjoy backwater ride, the mesmerizing sunset view at Pozhiyoram beach, Ayurvedic massage to cure your age old diseases, a visit to Krishnapuram palace, a 18th century palace that was built for MarthandaVerma, there’s ample of things to do while in Alleppey.

Madurai, Tamil Nadu

This ancient city is home to the most beautiful and important temples in South India. Whenever you are in Madurai, make sure you visit the famous Meenakshi temple. This 4000 years old city has remained a major center to understand the rich Tamil culture and traditions.


Located on the east coast of Tamil Nadu, this 18th century French colony proffers you a delightful break from the monotony. Still having the essence of French lifestyle, this island is full of quiet, clean streets, lined with bougainvillea-draped colonial style townhouse numbered in an almost logical manner.

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