How to Get a Cure from Arthritis by Ayurvedic Approach?

Winter has gone and passed but the problem with arthritis didn’t go away. In this case, you have to consider help from your healthcare provider and they might have prescribed your medicines, but that too failed. So, what should you do? Wait for another winter to come or seek the best ayurvedic treatment for arthritis?

Arthritis or chronic joint pain is a thing that has been spreading its claws not just for elderly people but for the young ones too these days. The pain can be in the form of inflammation in the multiple joints of the body. There can be stiffness, swelling on those places, and the cold weather makes it worse. There might not be any permanent cure for it but ayurvedic approaches are the best thing for joint pains. There are so many herbs available that will get you a good resolution for arthritis. Here we have listed some tips for your convenience.

  1. Turmeric

If you are looking for ayurvedic arthritis medicine, then the first thing you must know that turmeric is one of the best for arthritis. This spice is used in cooking mostly in Asian households, and it has a great ayurvedic benefit. It works as an anti-bacterial agent and reduces inflammation. There are so many instances of turmeric used as the cure for arthritis.

  • Nirgundi

This is one of the most common ayurvedic herbs that are used for joint pains. The plant is available in the market and it’s perfect from reducing swells and excessive pain as well. Nirgundi is potent for inflammation and has anti-oxidant properties in it. You can use its stem and seeds and a paste of it will prove the best resolution for arthritis.

  • Fish oil

This is another effective way to reduce the pain of arthritis. Omega-3 fish oil blocks inflammation and reduces joint tenderness. In so many studies, this is found to be a great resolution for arthritis. You can try using a supplement of it but before that, you have to consult with your doctor for the doses.

  • Ajwain

This is a natural aid to arthritis. It has anti-inflammatory elements in it, which helps in reducing excessive pain in the winter times. You can put ajwain seeds in a warm water tub and soak your joints in it. You have to wait for 5 to 10 minutes and you will surely get some relief. You can also crush some seeds and apply the paste on the swelled areas. Or you can drink water mixed with ajwain every day. All of these will help you get some relief from the pain.

  • Ginger

Ginger is a good resolution for arthritis. You must keep it in your kitchen cabinet, and it will give you the best benefits of it. If you have been suffering from swelling or joint pain, ginger can come to aid. You can make a paste of it and apply on the affected area, it surely reduces some discomfort. Ginger is also the best blood circulation.

You can try out other ayurvedic solutions for arthritis, and they are eucalyptus, dashmool and so on. Also, check out the above-mentioned tips, these will help in joint pain too.

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