How to Play PS4 on Iphone or ipad

You can now play PS4 directly from your iPhone or iPad. Several years after its appearance on Android, Windows, and Mac, the application of Sony is available on Apple mobile devices.

With it, it is possible to connect remotely to its PS4 to launch a game and enjoy it on his smartphone or tablet, even on the other side of the world. To take full advantage, it will obviously have a strong Internet connection.

The terminal screen can act as a controller, but it is also possible to connect an MFI controller, the official controller of the PlayStation 4 is currently incompatible with iOS. Here’s how to play PS4 on your iPhone or iPad.

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  1. Update your console: If you have not done so already, update your console. To do this, go to Settings and then Update System Software. The PS4 Remote Play application can only work if the system of your PS4 is in version 6.50.
  2. Download PS4 Remote Play: Download the PS4 Remote Play app on your iPhone or iPad. It is this application that allows you to connect remotely to your console from your device to play your streaming games.
  3. Activate the remote connection
    From your console, open the Settings and go to the Remote Play Connection Settings menu.

Verify that the Enable Remote Play feature is selected.

Note that the console should not be turned off completely, but simply switched to idle mode to be able to wake up and connect remotely from your iDevice.

4. Customize the settings on the iPhone or iPad
Open the application on the iPhone or iPad and tap the icon on a notched wheel, at the top right to access the different settings. From this menu, you can adjust the video quality of the stream or the frame rate .

5. Log in to your PSN account
Sign in to your PSN account now. In principle, your console should automatically be recognized in the application.

If that does not work, return to your console, go to the Add Device menu, and copy the code on the screen.

On your iPhone or iPad, touch Manual Registration and enter the code you copied previously. Confirm by pressing Save. Your iDevice should then be connected to your PS4.

6. Play with your iDevice
When you launch a PS4 game on the iPhone or iPad, you have two options for controls.

It is possible to use the touch controls displayed superimposed on the screen, but also to use a joystick MFI (Made for iPhone / iPad), dedicated to iOS, to control your game.

The official Dualshock 4 controller is, for the moment, not compatible with iOS, do not count on it to play your PlayStation 4 on your iPhone or iPad.

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