7 Best Smith machine for home gym in 2022

No matter whether you just have started your fitness journey, or you are a pro in this field and looking for a great gym item like Smith Machine to be added to your personal gym, go through this home Smith Machine review to point out which one serves your purposes the best.  It’s a great piece of gym equipment that allows you to perform a variety of exercises and help you build your muscle and improve overall physical performance. 

As young people are more likely to be concerned about fitness than ever, the market of Smith Machine is flooded with a lot of brands and models. Finding the right one can cost you much time and effort in absence of a guide like this one. 

Here in this article, we’re reviewing the best smith machine for a home gym that you’ll love as a reader and as a fitness enthusiast. 

The Best Smith Machine for home gym reviews

1. Marcy Smith Cage Workout Machine 

It’s a total body training home gym system with linear bearing. The equipment is constructed with a heavy-duty steel frame supported by a durable powder-coated finish that ensures guaranteed high durability and usefulness. This versatile equipment comes with dual action press arms that can be used for multiple purposes. You can perform a variety of exercises and build biceps, triceps, and some other muscle groups. The item is designed with a dual-function leg developer with six oversize rocker pads and a row bar to get your muscles shaped as you want. A pivot point is there to make it easier for you to maximize the effect on your targeted muscles. 

It offers the facility of weightlifting or strength training at your home with six weight plate pegs built into the frame so that you can organize the barbells on the machine for easy accessibility. It’s a complete package of gym equipment that offers many facilities in one station minimizing your hassle to switch between different gym items. The innovative structure of the equipment in combination with the arm and leg station works really well to shape different muscle groups executing comprehensive workouts. 


  • Long-lasting usability; 
  • Multi-functional press arms; 
  • Easy weight accessibility; 
  • Complete training system. 


  • Time consuming assembly. 

2. Body-Solid Powerline Smith Machine

The first commitment of Body-Solid towards its customers is the quality of the gym equipment that will fit their everyday needs, facilitate their workouts and get them to achieve their expected results. This unique Smith Machine from Body-Solid is a true powerhouse that you can’t find anywhere else. The combination of free weight power and resistance along with the safety and control mechanism stand it out from other similar products. Now you can enjoy frictionless movement and performance with the extra-long twin Super-Glide carriages. 

Its heavy-duty pillars with 14 lockout points lay a solid foundation for the Safety Spotter Catches. The dual lock safety spotter catch system prevents the bar from pinning the user. The standard-sized bar allows you to use Olympic Sized Plates comfortably. This sophisticated item is backed by Powerline 10-years warranty, so you can use the frame for 10 years and other parts for 1 year without any trouble. 


  • Safety;
  • Frictionless movement and performance; 
  • Standard Bar;  
  • Easy assembly. 


  • A bit light-weight

3. Marcy Pro Smith Machine

Marcy Pro Smith Machine is a total body workout training system in combination with a power tower, utility bench, squat rack, and a dedicated landmine exercise attachment that provides a variety of exercise facilities so you don’t need to shift from one station to another for different exercises. The cable pulley system constructed with heavy-duty tubular steel and powder-coated finish facilitates several crossover workouts. 

Designed with an adjustable bench, it makes your dumbbell press, bench dips, sit-ups, and many other exercises convenient. For efficient execution of upper body exercises, it comes with multi-grip pull-up bars.  The bar holders and weight plate posts ease its cleanup and organization of gears when the workout session is over. With the transport wheel, you can move the bench when you don’t need it. This machine is full of exercises that help you to achieve and maintain the fitness you want your body to be in. 


  • Durable pulley system; 
  • Adjustable bench; 
  • Multi-grip pull-up bars; 
  • Easy clean and storage; 


  • Requires big space; 
  • Tricky assembly; 

4. Commercial Home Gym – Smith Machine

It’s one of the great options for a complete workout. A completely commercial grade multi-functional machine comes with twin pulley cables and 16 adjustments for any height cable workouts.  The weight stack connected to the cables comes with all machines including leg press attachment. The sealed bearing pulley can manage counter balance very well. 

This smith machine will allow you a full-body workout and meet your fitness needs. The machine has 6 places to store weights and storage for an extra bar. It is recommended for beginners or advanced weightlifters or athletes. If you have a small workout space but want the facilities of large compound lifts, this item is for you. Remember that the standard version of the machine doesn’t include bench or plate weights, you have to go for the deluxe version for the items. 


  • Complete workout; 
  • Counter balanced; 
  • Perfect for all; 


  • Bench and plate weight excluded; 

5. ICON Fitness Gold’s Gym XRS 50

Although ICON Fitness is a relatively small company in the strength training industry, they are well known for delivering quality equipment in the market. ICON Fitness Gold’s Gym XRS 50 comes with 112 lbs. Vinyl Weight Stack that can create up to 280 lbs. of resistance. Constructed with quality materials that make it durable and provide high usability. The machine combines a fly station/chest press, 4-roll leg developer, high pulley, low pulley and allows you to build the fitness you want. 

The multi-grip lat bar and Sewn vinyl seats with durable and comfortable materials provide the facilities to do a number of exercises and train specific muscle groups like biceps, middle back, and shoulder. You are getting an exercise chart formulated by a Certified Personal Trainer to help you out in your journey to achieve the desired fitness. Assembly of the machine is easy and really a perfect piece of machine for home workouts. 


  • Easy assembly; 
  • Exercise chart; 
  • Less space needed; 
  • 280 lbs of resistance


  • Not most versatile for a full-body workout. 

6. Fitness Reality 810XLT Power Cage

This Smith Machine from Fitness Reality comes with 800 lbs weight capacity, made from tubular steel frames that can ensure a long durability. It is designed with a large walk-in space that allows easy slide-to-slide movement. There are two chrome dual mounted safety bars and two chrome lock-on safety, each pair has the capacity to handle a weight of 800 lbs. The weight is adjustable to 19 height levels, what more do you need for a total range of workout positions? 

The cage is very stable, no need to bolt it down. The weight capacity of the machine is plenty for most people who want to attend strength training. It includes high and low row pulley systems with strong nylon coated cable and two bar attachments with foam grips.  You can find this power rack at an affordable price. The olympic bar, weight plates, and bench needed to be used with the cage are not included with the system. 


  • Relatively stable; 
  • Easy assembly; 
  • Safety catches; 
  • Adjustable bar. 


  • Fairly light vs the standard; 
  • Wide spacing between holes. 

7. Marcy MWM-988 Multifunction Steel Home Gym 

If you are not comfortable exercising in a commercial gym center and want to build your own home gym at an affordable cost, this multifunctional system can be a great option for you. It offers up to 150 lbs of weight and more than 36 different weight-based exercises. Although it’s a sturdy system constructed from steel, still you can have it at a competitive price. 

The machine is designed to provide you with an effective full-body workout. Moreover, you can focus on just upper or lower body workouts separately if you want. It is relatively compact and easy to set along with other home exercise equipment. Assembly is not easy or quick but it’s not hard too if you follow the instructions properly. The weights stack is safe to use and offers long-term usability. There is an adjustable bicep pad that you can use to pump some iron or with the lower pulley in a seated position. 


  • Easy to use; 
  • Affordable; 
  • Compact design; 


  • Limited weight; 
  • Seat non-adjustable. 

Buying Guide on Home Smith Machine

Thinking about buying a smith machine for your home gym? Don’t rush, there are some issues you should look after to make the right decision to buy a smith machine and step forward to build your dream fitness. Here is a simple guide to make your purchase easier: 

  1. Large Footprint: The base of a smith machine should be wide and long enough so that it remains stable during your weight lifting. In addition to the width and length of the frame, the framework should be made of low gauge steel to make it stable and durable when you lift heavy weights. 
  2. Linear Bearings: If the machine doesn’t have linear bearing it will vibrate and might get stuck while you are exercising weight lifting as most of the machines move vertically. The linear bearing is to smoothen the motion of the bar. It will also help you to lift heavier weights, 
  3. Safety Mechanisms: The heavy equipment of resistance and weight training might be risky to use if the machine doesn’t have safety mechanisms such as locking pins, spring collar clamps, catch rod, adjustable stops, and hook or a bar catch. All of these are to be considered before making a purchase decision to avoid any injury during exercise. 
  4. Counterbalanced: A counterbalanced system helps to pull up on the bar decreasing its weight when you exercise. It consists of pulleys, cables, guide rods, bushings, and counterweights built in the steel frame. It is used to decrease the weight of the solid steel bar and let you have a lighter starting weight. 
  5. Storage: Onboard storage space is one of the important features people look for before making purchase decisions so they don’t need to keep them on the ground or buy an extra rack to store the plates. Moreover, it is an ideal feature a smith machine should have to improve its usefulness. 
  6. Weight Limit: Your preferred weight limit will vary based on your level of expertise. If you are a beginner, a machine with a 200 to 300 pound limit will work well. For the experts who want to challenge their own ability, weight limits anywhere up to 1000 pound should be chosen based on your preference. 

Find the answer of some common questions people ask about Smith Machine below: 

  1. Squat Rack or Smith Machine, which one is better? 

Some people specially the free weight purists strongly promote that Smith Machines are bad because the equipment is not natural but it should take into consideration that there is nothing “natural” about lifting big metal objects for the sole purpose of looking muscular. People may argue that the Smith Machine forces you into a fixed plane of motion but what about gravity when someone exercises free weight lifting? It’s true that a Smith Machine can stress your joints when you use poor form, otherwise the machine is much safer than free weight. Moreover, when you perform exercise in a fixed plane of motion, it is ideal for building muscles. 

  1. What are the benefits of exercising with a Smith Machine?

A lot of advantages you can get from Smith Machine. Firstly, the machine removes the balance factor  and lets you purely stimulate the working muscles. It is much safer than free weights as you can re-rack the bar at any point during a set and the safety stoppers have always got you back. The inherent safety mechanism encourages you to train to failure which consequently stimulates faster and more abundant muscle growth. Again, when the balance factor is removed from the equation, your muscle grows fast as the main muscle group receives full stimulation. 

  1. How risky is it to use a Smith Machine? 

When you are exercising weight assisted performances, foot placement and positioning is essential. Smith Machines generally come with enough safety mechanisms but your exercise technique can still pose risk of injury. Although the machine will assist you with right posture and control, a wrong position and carelessness can cause serious injury and an issue in later life. For upper body exercise, if the weight is too heavy, it can add stress and strain on your muscle. 

Can I really build muscle with Smith Machine? 

There is nothing to hide about barbell back squats that it’s great for overall body development. The barbell squat is dynamic and the use of the smith machine is not as it rails on a fixed path. One great thing about the smith machine is your feet placement which allows you to involve more of your hamstrings. 

Buying a Smith Machine will take a good amount of money and effort, it’s worth investing money on something that really delivers value to you. The aforementioned information and guide might be a good favor for you to analyze and choose the Smith Machine best suited to you and your home gym. 

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